Mais Pourquoi means 'but why' in French. Because I don't know why.

This blog is for my sporadic sketchplays. It is best viewed in Firefox.

Alternative titles for this blog included Where's My Punchline? and Minou-Minou Pourquoi ('kitty-kitty why').

If I look familiar to you, it might be because you have read one of the following zines: Instructions for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse (in rhyming couplets), The Reason for Eleanor's Miserable Childhood, The Existential Baker, The Proprietor of Inappropriate Lemonade Stands, Rubber Cow and Hai Ku Hai. Some of these are available through Sticky Institute, though please email me at the address below if you would like to trade! Or just email me anyway. Hello hello hello.

Thank you for visiting. I know it's all a bit perplexing.

-- ET

zombiecouplets (at) hotmail (dot) com 

I am also here doing different stuff: littlepunchclock.tumblr.com